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"The ladybug flies"


The story you have in your hands is something more than that, it is a tool to tell children what their new home will be like. It aims to move with delicacy and success through all those doubts that are generated when a child "starts a family".


Fears, the imaginary, crimes, silences, ... are part of this new path that will now have to travel and that with this story, must be overcome.


This story is a companion who pushes you to live the new moment with serenity and happiness, and tries explain to the boys and girls that they leave for a short time with a family and then perhaps return either to the center or to someone in their family.


This story is aimed at those children who will leave our center to another center that will become their final home.


Authors: Equip educatiu del C.A. Petit Coda de la Fundació IDEA.


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