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Collection: MINÚSCUL budarcito collection

"Inside us there is a treasure, it is magical and unique. It is responsible for moving the machinery of our body, heart and mind: it puts things in place when we are AIR and we need order. Oil the gears to be EARTH when we don't have enough strength, it dries the tears in our hearts when we are WATER and the rain floods us. It generates sparks to be FIRE and give us the heat when we need it. "

Material: All products are made with 100% organic cotton.

I have a strong social commitment, which is why I work with suppliers who guarantee me, with certificates, an ethical relationship with their employees and a firm commitment to respect for the environment.

The printing of all the illustrations is done by Sweet Textile Print, a company specializing in digital printing on textiles and producing the pieces one by one.


€55.50 Regular Price
€44.40Sale Price
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